Las Vegas Places to Visit… “Coca Cola Store”

If you are one of those how has to “Have the Real Thing,” then this is your Place! Just a short walk east of the MGM Grand Casino lies this Pit Stop for those who have to get their quick fix of this bubbly beverage.

As you walk into the store you may be greeted by that polar bear which has symbolized Coke for the past 5 plus years. Just the kind of bear hugs we all want to have and a photo to take with us as a keepsake from this rare adventure.

The store is 2 levels of souvenirs, household wares, wearables, and yes a Coke sampling counter. Just about anything you’d want to wear, carry, drink out of, or put on your wall can be found here. What is possibly the most fun though is getting the two trays of sample beverages that Coke produces all over the world. It is hilarious to sit with your group as each partakes in the samples and the expressions that profess themselves to you as you shoot a photo and share it with the world. “No Not Everything Stays in Vegas.”

The Coke Store is located at 3785 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109