Las Vegas Places to Visit… “Exploration Park”

May be you flew into the Vegas and said wow that view of the strip was amazing. Or perhaps, you drove in from So. Cal on the I-15 and said that view was awesome, but I’d like to stop and see the Strip and take a few photos. Or just may be you’d like to do something amazing and free and get a little exercise too… Well this could be it!

Exploration Park is just short 20 minute drive South of the strip on the I-15 on Blue Diamond Road heading towards Red Rock. This amazing park has a hill rising about 10 stories up from street level offering a 360 degree view of the whole valley. Set you camera on panorama and just spin in a circle to take it all in.

There are trails encompassing this small monolith that vary from easy to challenging. The frontal trail from the lower park is used by those wanting to build their fitness level (I took it and yes my heart and breathing were vastly elevated). While the main draw to the park is this minnie mountain with its trails and views, the park also has an expansive playground (perhaps one of the largest in the valley) a large open grass area for various sports like soccer or football and basketball courts.

This adventure is free unless you need and Uber or Lyft. This is a 2 -3 hour trip just right for the morning or afternoon. Meaning those extra calories ingested tonight won’t make you feel guilty!

The Park is located at: 9700 S Buffalo Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89178 and is open from Dawn to Dusk every day. Here is the website: