Las Vegas Places to Visit… Hershey’s World

Well if you’re staying on the Strip on this or up coming visit and love chocolate like pretty much everyone else in the world, than the Hershey’s Store in New York New York should be on your places to visit.

This place is 2 full floors of chocolate… I’m not talking about the little bars you get a 7/11, some of these things could put you literally in heaven and not just the chocolate one.

Lady Liberty greets you as you enter from the casino on the first floor and as you exit out the 2nd floor Hershey’s place a Somore’s kiosk right out side the store in the hallway. Boom just what you want right?

What ever you like or want syrup, almonds, peanuts, mint whatever it is they pretty much have it here. Hey you know what you came to Vegas to have a good time and in my mind dying from chocolate is the way to go.

The store is located in New York New York just inside from the foot bridge entrance that will take you over to the MGM Grand. Enjoy!!!!